Viability Analysis

Reality can hit hard.
So it's our job to make sure that you always know what's coming.
Designing your dream home, or finding what looks like a perfect investment opportunity - they're both great feelings. When it comes to property, though, it pays to be careful; hidden costs, underestimates, or simply a lack of contingency planning can all derail projects by putting them beyond your financial means - which is why it's critical to make sure you're kept well-informed of the financial reality of your project.
We use our extensive expertise in all aspects of property, from legal structures to planning to the build itself, to anticipate nasty surprises and produce an accurate estimate of the cost and return of your project, taking into account the unique circumstances and opportunities that your property might offer to create additional value. Our viability analysis offering includes:

Design Study

Whether it's using your own architectural drawings or by producing an in-house feasibility proposal, the first and most important stage of any feasibility study is to analyse the design. We're looking to answer two questions in this stage: what makes the property stand out, and is it well-suited for its purpose? These are critical considerations that we need to have answered to inform our market study.

Market Assessment

To understand whether a project is right for you means ascertaining whether you'll be better off at the end of it - and an important part of that is assessing what impact it'll have on the value, freehold or leasehold, of your property. We'll conduct a comprehensive search of comparable properties to obtain current market data, and obtain historic price paid statistics - coupled with our extensive market knowledge and any design study we've undertaken, we'll use this to make a professional assessment of the market value of your proposal.

For leaseholds...

  • Maintenance costs:
    • How old is the boiler?
    • What's the condition of the roof?
    • Is there a sinking fund?
  • Tenancy management:
    • Preparing Schedules of Condition & Dilapidation
    • Negotiating dilapidation liabilities
    • Marketing & negotiating new tenancies

For freeholds and new projects...

  • Solicitors' & agents' fees
  • Finance costs - fees and interest
  • Party Wall Act fees
  • Remediation of contamination
  • Flood risk modelling & abatement costs
  • New or altered access or service routes and capacities
  • Landscaping
  • Asbestos management surveys & disposal
  • Per square metre build and conversion rates
  • Green technologies
  • Business Rates
  • Building Control & Warranties

Costs Study

The final component of any robust viability study is an assessment of the costs that come with a project - even if that project is a simple continuing tenancy. We'll bring our extensive knowledge of a wide variety of property issues to bear, backed up by industry experience and data, and anticipate the costs you're likely to face. Some of the things we'll consider are:

But don't just take our word for it - check out our case studies to see our work in action:
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