Project Management

Every construction project has its pitfalls.
At Build Consultants, we have the experience to anticipate and preclude the inevitable challenges that crop up - and the expertise to deal with those that aren't foreseen.
From unexpected design complications to unexploded ordinance, issues can crawl out of the woodwork in any area of a project. Our extensive planning process and experience with a wide range of historical projects means we're familiar with the type of challenges that tend to occur, so we pride ourselves on our ability to plan ahead - whether that's with flexible project programmes, robust contractual language and structures, or responsible contingency planning. We're also here to handle the unexpected, able to deploy our wider industry knowledge to fully consider the options and their implications for your project.
Every project is different, but some things are always needed to ensure a project runs effectively:

Careful Programming

The classic Gantt chart is a highly underrated tool for making sure things are happening at the right time. We'll produce a feasibility programme at the start of every project, planning out every stage of the process to illustrate where the holdups might be - and building in realism and contingency from day 1. Whether the project is measured in months or years, we'll plan to keep the critical pathway moving at a pace to suit your requirements, and through a simple and transparent document we'll keep you and other stakeholders up-to-date on progress throughout.

Robust Contracts

Project Management comes hand-in-hand with Contract Administration. We're experienced with writing and implementing a wide range of JCT Contracts, for Minor and Intermediate Works in either Build or Design & Build formats, and always ensure appropriate RICS appointments and warranties are in place with relevant specialists to protect you in any and all eventualities. When disputes arise, as Contract Administrators we're able to act professionally to mediate according to the relevant contractual and legal contexts.

Stakeholder Co-ordination

Successful construction projects need input from a wide range of professions at different points to ensure things are built to the correct design and in the right process. We instruct and liaise with the relevant specialists on your behalf, ensuring the right advice is provided at the right price to keep your project moving - and ensure it's kept on budget and inside the law. We'll also ensure that any implications for other specialist work, the project programme, and the like are properly recorded and accounted for, communicated, and agreed with you.

Health & Safety

Staying on the right side of CDM Regulations is critical to ensuring that every project is carried out with minimal risk to site workers, specialists, visitors - and even you, the client. Appropriate management plans and records must be created and maintained, while compliance must be monitored to ensure that the site remains safe for all involved. We're able to act as Principal Designers, coordinating and managing health and safety in pre-construction phases while assisting you to ensure that your contractor(s) are fully compliant with relevant standards.

Financial Management

Budgets make or break projects - which is why we're laser-focused on making sure your money is spent on the right things and in the right amounts. We'll work as needed with a financier or Quantity Surveyor to monitor the expenditure on your project, ensuring that overruns are controlled and justified through appropriate contractual processes, and that the right prices are obtained for specialists and primary contractual works.

But don't just take our word for it - check out our case studies to see our work in action:
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