As a highly interdisciplinary team, we're able to take on property challenges in a huge range of fields, while our expertise also puts us in a unique position to advise on business management and sustainability. Whatever your project, we'll combine all of our relevant specialisms into one bespoke package of professional support - leveraging our experience to make your vision a reality.
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Property Search & Acquisition

Whatever your requirements, we can leverage our skills across all our disciplines to locate, evaluate, and recommend sites for your acquisition or occupation on freehold or leasehold basis - including undertaking negotiation on your behalf to get the best possible deal, and ensure all the right due diligence is undertaken.

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Design, Architecture & Engineering

Designing is a critical step in all property-related projects - understanding how to translate your end-vision into reality in a cost-effective, proportionate, and sustainable way. We work on a fabric-first basis with in-house designers to produce plans in 2D and 3D that accord with financial, planning, and practical realities - leveraging our extensive experience in both architectural and engineering elements of design.

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Planning Consultancy

Getting planning permission for your project can be a nightmare. At Build Consultants, we can undertake a full spectrum of planning agency work, bringing together design competencies with policy expertise and project management skills to handle as much of your application under one roof as we can - meaning less cost to you. We also work with a trusted team of close associates to carry out specialist work quickly and cost-effectively, getting ahead of obstacles likely to be raised in the planning process, and where needed responding quickly and comprehensively to new issues as they come about.

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Viability & Financial Analysis

Understanding the business case for your investment - or how you're going to fund the building of your dream home - is absolutely fundamental to ensuring that a project has strong foundations from the very outset. Working initially from basic models of potential layouts, all the way through to detailed analysis of potential construction costs as designs advance, we'll help you stay on top of the financial realities of your project from conception and for the lifetime of your ownership.

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Self & Custom Build

Building your dream home can be a seriously daunting process - with complexity and uncertainty from what can feel like a huge number of areas. By bringing together all of our services into one cohesive package, we can provide individually-tailored support to help you deliver your project, guiding you through from concept to completion - from on-call expertise around your self-build project, all the way through to comprehensive management and delivery of a custom-build home.

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Project Management

From contract administration to cost control and progress monitoring to health and safety, with decades of collective experience in projects from small extensions all the way up to multimillion pound investments, we can provide complete administration, oversight, and management to ensure your vision is implemented on-time and in-budget.

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Property Management & Agency

Able to act for buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants on all types of freehold and leasehold project, we offer a full range of property management and agency services, bringing our diligent and creative approach to portfolio management and investment.

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But don't just take our word for it - check out our case studies to see our work in action:
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