Property Agency

Picking the right agent to buy, sell, or lease property on your behalf can be a nightmare.
With Build Consultants, you can have the confidence that our years of industry experience and extensive knowledge across the property sector will put you in good stead to find the right site, buyer, or tenant.
At the heart of our business model is ensuring that your interests are protected. As instructed agents, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the full expertise of our team in property search, planning policy, viability analysis, and property law will be brought to bear in any and all work we conduct on your behalf.
Whether it's a condition sale of a self-build plot or a conventional commercial tenancy, you can trust us to ask the rights questions on your behalf:

Residential & Commercial Sales

  • What's the extant planning use? What's the right market for this use - and can it be adapted or repurposed?
  • Where might the buyer seek to make savings? How can we preclude problems and have answers for difficult questions ready in advance?
  • Would a conditional sale contract, subject to the owner obtaining planning consent, create additional value?
  • Could any agreements with neighbours, for example for additional access, improve the land?

Residential & Commercial Acquisitions

  • What's the proposed boundary? Is the value per square metre appropriate?
  • What's the proposed tenure of the acquisition - freehold or long leasehold?
  • Are there any encumbrances, by way of easements, leases, or the like? Are any rights to be retained by the seller?
  • What access and use classes does the property benefit from?
  • To protect disposal at the end of the property's useful life, what are the property's planning prospects?
  • Is the property contaminated? Do any buildings comply with Building Regulations? Are Building Control certificates available?
  • What services are available on or adjacent to the property?
  • Will the sale value be sufficient to eliminate any outstanding liabilities charged against the property?

Lettings & Tenancies

  • What's the proposed demise? Does the tenancy benefit from any off-premises rights, for access, services, or similar?
  • Is the tenancy valued at an appropriate market rate? Does this rate reflect any benefits or encumbrances to be borne by the tenant?
  • Who is the proposed tenant? Do they have good standing, financially and in business? What protections exist for the landlord's rental income?
  • Are any alterations to the premises proposed or have any been undertaken? Are these under valid license?
  • Does the premises meet relevant Building Regulations standards, including for energy efficiency?
  • Is an up-to-date Schedule of Condition available? What dilapidations obligations are outstanding, or to be introduced?
  • Are any sinking fund arrangements in place?
  • How is insurance and maintenance to be handled? Who is responsible?
  • Is an appropriate planning use class in place for the proposed use? If not, who is responsible for obtaining change of use?
But don't just take our word for it - check out our case studies to see our work in action:
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