Based in East Devon and operating across England, we're a team of highly interdisciplinary property agents and consultants with experience across the entire property field.
We're passionate about our work, and our number one priority is you. We know that every problem has a solution, but not every solution will fit you, your home, or your business. That's why, at Build Consultants, we work outside the box and in uncharted waters to understand your circumstances and find the route that serves you best - today, and for years to come.
We believe...
Property shouldn't be a burden - for you or your business. Our homes aren't just empty shells; they're an embodiment of who we are, and how we live - and they should be designed and built, from day one, to adhere to that. Offices, warehouses or workshops, meanwhile, can be one of the biggest costs for businesses of any size - which is why we'll always strive to make sure that your property will work for you, producing real returns and securing the future for you and your business.
Our property and our planet are inextricably linked. Our logo, the Banyan Tree, is the national tree of India, with long, deep roots and branches that symbolise the country's unity. Every aspect of the tree is useful to the communities that it is found in: providing shelter and protection from the sun, a variety of medical uses, and as a focal point for gatherings or meetings or classroom lessons. It also makes a great playroom, sitting on or climbing through the branches and swinging from the vines. It's a natural resource that's sustainably harnessed for the benefit of mankind - a philosophy that we seek to embed in everything we do.
No problem can be solved by one individual or one discipline alone; just as the sciences can't function without the arts, successful property projects need a huge range of specialisms and experience to ensure they're the best they can be. At Build Consultants, we abide by this principle; our team's experience spans fields throughout the property sector and beyond, encompassing sustainable development, civil engineering, business management, and much more - and where our core team doesn't have the right specialism, we have a close-knit team of associates on standby to make sure we can put together the right team for your project.


Todd Olive


Managing Director
Suffering Spurs supporter
One of our two principal projects managers and our planning lead, Todd's background is in policy, economics, and sustainability. When not building spreadsheets or writing Planning Statements, he's usually first to answer the phone!

Malcolm Randall


Contracts Manager
Slight obsession with pencils
A seasoned Chartered Civil Engineer with an international career and vast experience in building and construction management, Malcolm has a passion for distinctive quality and innovation - and loves nothing less than a new challenge to take on.

Marianne Randall

Accounts Manager
Hoards paperwork
Marianne's had a lengthy and varied career in all aspects of property, from surveying and estimating to financial and accounts management. Outside of work, Marianne loves spending time with family, from elderly through to tiny – creating, baking, playing, and having fun!

Tommy Tooze

Design Manager
Resident master of drawing things
A long-time presence in the office, Tommy is working towards a degree in Architecture, and is our go-to man for articulating the innovative design approaches that are key to our 'blue skies' philosophy.

Caitlin Weiner

Project Assistant
Measures in microns
With a background in manufacturing engineering, Caitlin has an eye for detail, and leads on all of our technical specification, drawing, and design work.


Catherine White

Catherine White Interiors

Simon Shuker

Hafren Ousque Associates

Munim Farid

Consult Build


The Property Ombudsman

While we always strive to achieve the highest standards of professionalism in our work, we understand that there may sometimes be instances in which you feel we've not lived up to our word - and if we're not able to make that right, the Property Ombudsman is there for our clients to seek independent arbitration, and to make sure you're always confident that we'll deliver.

Institution of Civil Engineers

As well as being an all-round property genius, our Managing Director, Malcolm Randall, is a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, with the know-how to advise on all manner of engineering issues that might affect your property - an invaluable asset for your design or build process.

Institute of Independent Business, UK Business Advisors

After decades of business management, including owning and running his own construction and consultancy practices, Malcolm Randall is a member of two national and international networks of business advisors, giving us access to a plethora of specialisms in all fields and industries.

Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment

With academic and professional expertise across the sustainability sector - from the circular economy to low-carbon design - our Project Manager, Todd Olive, is a Graduate Member of IEMA, and brings the drive to ensure that all our projects leave our planet better than we found it.

Exeter Chamber of Commerce

We're proud members of our local Chamber of Commerce, working hand-in-hand with partners across the South West to support businesses all across our region.

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