Planning Permission

It's every homeowner's nightmare - but it's one of our specialties.
Planning permission and law are a complex, difficult pyramid of regulations and policy documents from different levels of government - and if not handled correctly can lead to serious delays or added costs for your project.
With experience in projects from the mundane to the extraordinary, we're specialists in achieving planning permission for complex and difficult projects - including conversions and change of use as well as rural self- and custom-builds - while the broad base of parallel expertise across our diverse team means that we can bring a full suite of relevant professions to bear on your planning project.
As standard, our work on your planning permission always includes initial design work from our in-house team, as well as a financial viability study, and can include a range of our services to suit your needs, experience, and budget:

Design & CGI

Our in-house design team can produce a full set of site and floor plans, elevations, and other related drawings to ensure that the Planning Authority has all the documents it needs to understand your scheme - and with powerful rendering tools at our disposal, we can create computer-generated imagery to really bring your project to life.

Specialist & Application Management

Our extensive portfolio of successful planning applications means we're intimately familiar with every step of the process, and are able to call on a range of trusted contacts to arrange the full set of specialist services needed for your planning application - from ecology to flood risk, and archaeology to contamination. We're also able to manage the application itself, completing all the relevant paperwork, submitting, and liaising with the Planning Officer on your behalf.

We're also able to leverage our expertise in support of requests for pre-application planning advice and permitted development applications.

Planning Statements

We're able to draft and submit Design & Access, Planning, and Heritage Statements to accompany your application, with reference to all-important national and local policy documents as well as relevant appeal decisions and court judgements, ensuring joined-up thinking across the most important parts of your application, and that the best possible case is presented in support of your scheme.

Market Studies

We're qualified to produce a variety of market studies to support your planning application. For unique residential applications, we offer a form of the Sequential Test that's part of flood risk assessment to illustrate whether or not the local market is already offering what you're proposing, while for applications that involve a loss of employment use we'll work with you to produce the relevant documentation in the form of an Employment Statement.

But don't just take our word for it - check out our case studies to see our work in action:
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