Property Search

For most business owners, finding the right workshop or office can be a chore.
At Build Consultants, it's an opportunity to create something unique.
Over the years, we've relocated countless businesses on freehold and leasehold bases - whether to open on day one or to expand in year ten. We understand that moving premises is a huge undertaking for businesses of any size, so the destination needs to match your needs as smoothly precisely as possible to make the project worthwhile. We also believe in making the process as painless as we can for our clients, leveraging our expertise across searching, surveying, agency, and financing to provide a complete package.
We take a structured, stage-by-stage approach to property searches, carrying out careful due diligence at all stages to ensure that what we're doing is the right thing for you. Our search work includes:

Stage 1: The Search

We're experts in leveraging a variety of sources to find the right premises for you. We'll check all the usual online platforms, from Rightmove to Zoopla, on a regular basis, while we leverage our extensive relationships with agents and our business networks to search for off-market opportunities for you and your business. Our expertise in planning and project management means we're also equipped to look for 'blue skies' potential in converting or rehabilitating sites that wouldn't seem to suit on a first glance.

Stage 2: Appraisal

We'll leverage our experience in project management and our financial acumen, as well as our expertise in planning and property law, to appraise the options that we've identified against your unique circumstances and requirements, liaising extensively with you to develop a deep understanding of what you're looking for - and we'll keep trying until we find what you need.

Stage 3: Survey

Once we've found the right property, understanding what you're buying, and getting it for the right price, is critical to a successful acquisition. Our keen eye for detail and broad understanding of the issues that occupiers face mean we're uniquely equipped to conduct surveys and produce a Schedule of Condition, giving you a comprehensive picture of your business' future home before you occupy - and leveraging our extensive list of standard due diligence queries to ensure that any issues picked up are dealt with appropriately in negotiations over the cost of purchase.

Stage 4: Negotiation & Acquisition

Structuring the right financial and legal package is critical to ensuring that your new property can work for you for the duration of its useful life. We'll make sure that the price is right, and that caveats like ground rents and business rates are known and quantified, and we'll explore every opportunity to save you money - both in the transaction itself and by exploiting opportunities to reduce operating expenses, sublet unneeded space, and the like. We'll also support the conveyancing team to make sure all enquiries are explored and answered quickly and efficiently, minimising the time it takes to get to completion.

Stage 5: Moving!

Moving premises can be a complicated and stressful process - that's why we'll leverage the full force of our design and project management team to plan and manage the process, from transporting valuable machinery to making the best use of space in your new premises. We're also able to procure, manage, and administrate any construction works that need doing to your business' new home before you can move in.

But don't just take our word for it - check out our case studies to see our work in action:
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