Residential Property

See how our residential property services can take the stress out of self-build projects

Build Consultants can draw on a wealth of property experience as we assist you in the residential self-build process. Our team ensure your build is smooth, in the right location, at the right price and on time.

Residential Property Consultancy

No two self build projects are the same and for people who are undertaking the process for the first time there are numerous factors and considerations that need to be accounted for before a project can begin.

With over 85 years combined experience working in Construction and Property related roles, and having personal experiences of self-build projects, Build Consultants are well placed to help our Clients find the right development opportunity for their circumstances.

We have a world-wide network to draw on when looking for the best site or project for our Clients. Our UK network of contacts allows us to reach off market opportunities as well as those in the public domain.

Our Expertise


Our experienced team can navigate you through the many processes required on a typically self-build project.

  • Self-build process

  • Plot finding and acquisition

  • Architectural drawings

  • Planning process and submissions

  • Building regulations

  • Project Management

How we help you


Our ability to find opportunities combined with our experience in designing, costing, programming, project managing and health & safety allows us to provide an all-inclusive service to our Clients, in what is quite often a once in a lifetime experience to create an individually unique dwelling.

We understand the stresses and demands that managing the construction of a building can cause, so we plan the project with our Clients to come in on time, within budget and to a good quality. We oversee the placing of orders while keeping an up to date record of costs.

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