Finding a property

Property acquisition, business relocation & more

Build Consultants understand the importance of finding the right property to meet your business needs. Our team of experienced consultants tailor services to fit in around your business at this exciting, but often stressful time.

Finding a property

We have, over the years, successfully acquired and relocated a variety of companies on freehold and leasehold basis’. This is a very exciting time for any business and needs to be a smooth transition so their business process is interrupted as little as possible.

Sometimes external funding can be sourced on behalf of the client to help with their expanding business and potential growth as an employer.

How we help you


Business relocation can occur voluntarily (such as staff expansion) or can occur due to factors outside your control (such as fire damage). Regardless of the reason business relocation can actually present a chance to innovate your business and act as a catalyst for increased efficiency.

For many firms this is a stressful time but getting experienced outside help to assist you with the planning and moving is the easiest way to avoid the potential stresses of business relocation.

Our Expertise


Our experienced team can navigate you through the many processes required when finding a property, our specialties include the following:

  • Property acquisition

  • Business relocation

  • Leasehold and freehold advice

  • Health and safety planning

  • Risk assessment

Build ConsultantsFinding a property