Development & Procurement

Ensuring development & procurement runs smoothly during construction

Planning permission can be the initial stumbling block for any aspiring ‘Grand Designer’

Development & Procurement

Build Consultants deliver a range of building-related services; from new builds and planning law through to building restoration and planning gains working across multiple sectors within the UK.

Each of our projects receives tailored treatment from our multi-disciplinary teams who strive to deliver in-depth strategic advice and provide relevant market knowledge to our clients.

How we help you

Build Consultants have overcome many different obstacles in this field for our clients over the years. Different areas that we have helped with include road access, covenants, environmental issues and contamination. We can assist our clients in the following areas:

  • New building

  • Planning law

  • Restoring

  • Planning gain

Our Expertise

Our experienced team can navigate you through the many processes required on a project that involves planning applications.

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