P R Export

Obtaining Deed of Variation & planning permission

P R Export import is a company that specialises in stripping down defective or written off vehicles. These parts are then exported and sold separately to external customers.

We were given the challenge of demolishing a wall and extending the working site boundary.

Our aim as Build consultants was to gain both a Deed of Variation from Bristol Port Authorities and planning permission from Bristol City Council and to move the working site boundary and to consult upon the demolition of the existing wall and the erection of a new fence.
We produced drawings of existing and proposed layouts of the site, referring and valuating the long lease held by P R Export Import Ltd with Bristol Port Authorities. Once the Deed of Variation was completed; talks were held with Bristol City Council to remove the wall and installing new fencing. Build Consultants submitted a planning application on behalf of P R Export Import which was successful within a matter of weeks.

Procurement for a contractor commenced, evaluating each task applicable to the removal of the wall and construction of the fencing. Instructions were given to the contractor where Build Consultants over saw the operations through every step whilst on site.

A Schedule of Condition was devised prior to work and snagging completed following completion.When completing this task we had to consider the type of specialists we would need to collaborate with. Here are just a couple:

Bristol Port Authorities (Landlord)
Local council (BCC)
Neighbouring Properties
Build ConsultantsP R Export Import