Music Teacher

Business Relocation

A music and singing teacher looking for suitable premises to run her business. Due to the nature of her business it would ideally need to be a stand-alone/detached building.

She was also in the process of looking for a residential property for herself and was looking for some assistance with finding the funds to do this.

Heads of Terms
Estate Agents
Liaise with local council
Contracts were exchanged and the completion of the purchase on this property was successful.

We began searching for both residential and commercial properties within the Lichfield area.
One property we viewed provided everything required for both our clients residential and commercial needs – however it needed considerable repairs to bring it back into habitable use which we estimated to cost a minimum of £50k.
An offer was made on this property which was rejected. During this time, it became apparent that our client was unable to secure the funds we had initially been advised.

We referred our client to a mortgage broker known to us to see if she could be of assistance to secure funding.
The search continued for commercial premises, a suitable property was found which again needed repairs. A draft offer was put together, highlighting the lease terms and request for the necessary repair work done to the building. This offer was also rejected.
Our client found a residential property local to her which also ticked all the boxes for her business. An offer was made and accepted and a mortgage offer put into place where we over saw all process to completion.

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