J & P Lewis - Part 2

Stopping up, Sections 116 & 247 orders

Our aim as Build Consultants was to allow J and P Lewis to acquire the road that links their site together and to assist in their security issues. This would allow J and P Lewis to have full control over who and what has access to their site; shutting off to the considerable risk of theft. This project meant as consultants we would liaise and collaborate with several departments and specialists to make it possible.

To meet our client’s objective, we had to talk to the Department of Transport to apply for stopping up, section 247 order on behalf of our client. This would allow J and P Lewis to acquire the road which had planning already granted.
To purchase the rest of the road we had to apply for stopping up under a section 116 order. This allows J and P Lewis to buy the highway even though the road has no planning related to it.
When purchasing a highway, we had to make sure that It would be viable to our client. A viability study was carried out to ensure the correct value was proposed on HOT’s and presented for consideration to Sandwell Council. Following successful signed Heads of Terms Sandwell Council issued a written report to continue with the acquisition, notifications were distributed and presented for any potential objections. Objections were satisfied with a successful outcome of the acquisition and stopping up orders being concluded.

When thinking about Purchasing a highway we had to consider the type of specialists we would be working with. Here are just a couple:

Surveyors - Topographical
Highways England
Local council (Sandwell Council)
Utilities – electric, BT connections, water Etc
Neighbouring Properties

Section 247 & 116

Build ConsultantsJ & P Lewis – Part 2