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Schwoerer Haus Germany

Schwoerer Haus Factory Visit

by Malcolm Randall on 26th April 2015

After landing in Stuttgart and being picked up by taxi we drove for around an hour to stay in a lovely little German village called Trochtelfingen, about a 10 minute drive from the factory. bgfgth

As you can imagine the whole trip was very organised as was the factory. The time scale for getting these houses put up on site, ready to move into, is absolutely amazing. You can have a house ready to turn the key, walk in, put the kettle on and get your feet up in around 6 weeks from when the first lorry arrives on site. The total amount of time it takes including the base and civils would be 8-12 weeks. The buildings have a 30 year guarantee and benefit from a large saving on utility bills courtesy of the solid wall design and high quality of materials used in the construction of the buildings.

Schwoerer Haus has a UK coordinating architect called Karl Lowe who is English but based in Germany who works along side a team of architects employed directly by Schwoerer Haus. Germany has a different way of obtaining planning permission which is a lot more straight forward than in the UK and only takes 4 weeks to obtain. Hopefully we will be able to use this company on some of our projects in the UK sometime in 2015, it would be an amazing experience for us and the client.

The Factories Log Supplies

The logs are all felled from nearby forests and consist of three different tree types. They are all separated by size with machines that also strip the bark,  there are sufficient logs here for 5 weeks supply, enough to make around 20 houses. There is no waste that is unused from the timber – the factory has incinerators burning around the clock at such a high temperature that there isn’t even any ash left, creating electricity in the process.  The on-site power plant produces enough electricity to power 60,000 homes and supplies electricity to the factory.

Show Houses

The factory also has a sampling centre so once the actual shell has been designed you visit the factory to spend a whole day choosing all of your fixtures and fittings.  These can be from the sampling centre, or if you have ideas from magazines or websites, they can be chosen from these as well.  Your house and interior will be totally original which is the beauty of using a company like this.  Currently there are no sites with multiple houses of the same design on them.  Out of the 37,000 homes that they have already built only 2 are the same.

Below are some examples of the types of homes that are adjacent to the factory. These are now quite outdated and were built up to 12 years ago.  Schwoerer Haus have a far more modern collection of houses in Cologne which look quite stunning.

Malcolm RandallSchwoerer Haus Factory Visit